AgWizard facilitates collaboration among your team of trusted advisors.

As your farm's Financial Advisor, we work one-on-one with you to develop a solid financial plan that will generate the highest probability of success.

Our Integrated Financial Planning approach with our proprietary AgWizard software platform at its core, combines grain marketing strategies with various crop insurance options, coupled with detailed field-level financial analysis to better equip you in making more-informed business decisions.

The AgWizard Financial Platform will enable you to Gain Insight and Get Answers to important questions that affect a farm's bottom-line, such as:

  1. What is my breakeven price?
  2. What price do I need in order to achieve my profit objective?
  3. Which farms are the most profitable?
  4. How much cash rent can I afford to pay for each farm?
  5. What is my return on investment for each farm?
  6. How does changing my crop insurance from enterprise to optional units affect my claim?

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Successful marketing requires planning, sifting through loads of information, and an intense level of focus to implement strategies. It's about devoting enough time to manage an ever-growing, ever-changing business such as farming.

AgriFinance Advisors, Inc. is a branch office of AgriSource, Inc., a guaranteed introducing broker of INTL FCStone Financial, Inc. Account forms can be accessed here: Account Forms

Over-The-Counter ("OTC") Accumulators

Benefits of OTC Accumulators:

  1. Sell at a higher price than the current market in exchange for committing a set number of bushels.
  2. Committed bushels can be delivered to any location – not tied to any buyer.
  3. Completely customizable - dates and target prices can be tailored to fit your specific market needs.
  4. Margins are lower than using futures.
  5. Free line of credit to those who meet the qualifications.

Commodity trading involves financial risk, and FCStone assumes no liability in the event any person uses or relies upon the information on this website for the purpose of dealing in commodities or other investments.  Further, claims of past performance are not necessarily indicative of future results.  Neither the information on this website, nor any opinion expressed hereupon, constitutes a solicitation to buy or sell any derivative, futures contract or option on futures contract.

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Over-The-Counter ("OTC") SWAPS

What is an Interest Rate Swap

An Interest Rate Swap is an agreement between two counterparties to exchange interest payments in a single currency for a stated time period. Only interest payments are exchanged, not principal.

Terms of the swap include starting and ending dates, settlement frequency, the notional amount (principal) on which swap payments are based, and reference rates such as LIBOR or benchmark Treasuries on which swap payments are determined.

Interest Rate Swaps can be applied to a wide range of hedging needs and can be tailored to meet the user's specific risk management objectives.

Term Loan Protection: Vanilla Fixed/Floating Swap

Companies with floating rate liabilities can enter into a payer swap and convert their liability synthetically to a fixed rate liability, often at better rates than if they issue directly at fixed rates.

Revolving Credit Facility Hedge: Forward Starting Swap

Companies with revolving credit facilities that are concerned future rates may be higher than market pricing can lock in interest rates by forward starting swap.

Hedge Future Borrowing Needs: Forward Starting Swap

Companies that will soon be borrowing money can lock in current rates by entering a forward starting swap if they deem the current environment attractive. If rates increase by the time they borrow, this additional financing cost will be offset by the gain in the swap hedge.

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Farmland Investments

  • Individual investors are looking for a "safe haven" to put their hard earned money. Increasingly, they are finding agricultural real estate to be a highly compelling alternative to the stock market, where fraud and abuse does little to "preserve capital". Population growth, resource scarcity and climate change are the three defining economic trends of our modern times. Individually, each constitutes a major issue, but they are all inextricably linked. Over time, their paths will increasingly converge and their effects on global commerce will become ever more pronounced. Investors with exposure to farmland and the commodities derived from it are best positioned to benefit from these trends.
  • Farmland Investment Benefits:
    1. Farmland provides a high level of capital security and a low level of risk
    2. Farmland is an effective inflation hedge
    3. Farmland is a stable income producing asset
    4. Direct investment farmland delivers lower income volatility
    5. Farmland investment delivers high total returns
    6. Farmland investment delivers super risk adjusted returns
    7. Farmland is an attractive portfolio diversification tool
    8. Farmland performs well in times of market turmoil
    9. Direct investment in farmland is simple and transparent
    10. Farmland has a number of benefits over other real estate investments
    11. Farmland investment provides tax planning opportunities
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For the past decade, variable-rate loans have provided a great opportunity to borrow at very low interest rates and use the savings to pay-down principal even faster. However, with the Federal Reserve starting to talk of raising interest rates now is the time to look at fixing your real estate loans at historically low rates.

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AgriFinance Advisors, Inc. is a technology-based financial planning, commodities & real estate company, helping farmers & farmland investors make more-informed business decisions.

We partner with ag advisors (lenders, accountants & insurance agents) who want to differentiate their business in the market place - delivering technology solutions that enable farmers to finance, insure and market their crops more effectively than ever before.